hadoop – ERROR 1070: Could not resolve toDate using imports: [, java.lang., > org.apache.pig.builtin., org.apache.pig.impl.builtin.] – Code Utility

Having a problem with casting data to datetime with pig. Importing the following dataset, tab delimited, I added the \t to illustrate. 5000001 \t 1133938 \t 1273719 \t 2008-06-01 00:03:35.0 I want to take the last value (2008-06-01 00:03:35.0) and extract the month. Loading it as a DateTime produces a blank field. So I want … Read more

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Using webpack, I’m trying to import isEqual since lodash seems to be importing everything. I’ve tried doing the following with no success: import { isEqual } from ‘lodash’ import isEqual from ‘lodash/lang’ import isEqual from ‘lodash/lang/isEqual’ import { isEqual } from ‘lodash/lang’ import { isEqual } from ‘lodash/lang’ , You can install lodash.isequal as a … Read more

model view controller – TypeScript exports is not defined – Code Utility

I’m trying to use export and import but it not working I get an error Here is my code HTML : <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset=”utf-8″ /> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″> </head> <body> @RenderBody() <script src=”~/scripts/user.js”></script> <script src=”~/scripts/main.js”></script> </body> </html> User.ts : export class User { firstName: string; lastName: string; } main.ts import { … Read more

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i have some users in my db. The PHP script pick the users accurately, but redirect not working. Please help any one my script is below: if($sqlquery==1) { $_SESSION’email’=$email; $_SESSION’password’=$password; wp_redirect( ‘https://mcqpage.com/somepage’, 301 ); exit; } else { header(“location:http://www.mcqpage.com/index.php”); } my detail are as follow login page <form onsubmit=’return formValidator()’ action=’https://mcqpage.com/connection/’ method=’post’> <h2>Enter Your Details</h2><hr/> … Read more

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At the moment, I’m attempting to use async/await within a class constructor function. This is so that I can get a custom e-mail tag for an Electron project I’m working on. customElements.define(‘e-mail’, class extends HTMLElement { async constructor() { super() let uid = this.getAttribute(‘data-uid’) let message = await grabUID(uid) const shadowRoot = this.attachShadow({mode: ‘open’}) shadowRoot.innerHTML … Read more

java – A Foreign key refering has the wrong number of column. should be 2 – Code Utility

Here is my code VirsualPerson public class VirsualPerson extends Person{ @Id @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.IDENTITY) @PrimaryKeyJoinColumn(name=”VIRSUALPERSON_ID”) private long virsualPersonId; @ManyToMany(fetch=FetchType.LAZY,cascade=CascadeType.ALL) @JoinTable(name=”Anime_character”,catalog=”anime”,joinColumns={ @JoinColumn(name=”VIRSUALPERSON_ID”,nullable=false)},inverseJoinColumns={@JoinColumn(name=”ANIME_ID”,nullable=false)}) private Set<Anime>animeCharacters=new HashSet<Anime>(); @OneToMany(fetch=FetchType.LAZY,mappedBy=”charecter”) private Set<VirsualPeopleComment>comments=new HashSet<VirsualPeopleComment>(); public long getVirsualPersonId() { return virsualPersonId; } public void setVirsualPersonId(long virsualPersonId) { this.virsualPersonId = virsualPersonId; } public Set<Anime> getAnimeCharacters() { return animeCharacters; } public void setAnimeCharacters(Set<Anime> animeCharacters) { this.animeCharacters … Read more