3D Vectors wrap on the Sphere

Create a mesh

mesh[θ_,n_]:=Table[{Cos[ϕ] Sin[θ],Sin[ϕ] Sin[θ],Cos[θ]},{ϕ,π/n,2 π,(2 π)/n}];
  • There are 7 θ-slices: {0, π/6, 2π/6, 3π/6, 4π/6, 5π/6, π}. The number of ϕ-points in each slice is different for esthetic reasons.
  • p contains data of the form {θ,n}: how many ϕ-points is
    needed for each θ value.
  • points is a combined list of points where the vector field is plotted.

Define a field


We will be plotting a skyrmion with winding number 1, as requested in the OP. Other customizations are possible. For instance one can consider higher-order skyrmions, or skyrmions with opposite topological chargeantiskyrmions.

Combine vector plot and a sphere


enter image description here

Some interesting reading is here.


You can actually use a built-in function called SliceVectorPlot3D:

SliceVectorPlot3D[{y, -x, z}, "CenterSphere", {x, -2, 2}, {y, -2, 2}, {z, -2, 2}]

to get:

enter image description here

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