Access external network from container based service

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I have been searching a bit, but I think I am using the wrong terminology or something as what I am after does not seem like a special case. We are in the process of looking how we can move our system from a bunch of windows/Linux based services into a container-based infrastructure. Most of these services interface with some feed of data that is on another network. I have been looking at the different container networks available both with Windows and Linux and am having a hard time finding the proper path to go about having a process that is running in a container be able to access some external data feed someplace out on a network that is not the container based network. The closest thing I have found is using a host network on Linux which will put me on the host network, but am not seeing much support for that on the windows side. I would like to be able to use the container network, but be able to route outside that network as well. This seems like a valid use case, so I was wondering if anyone could point me in a general direction of how to go about accomplishing this.