Add the duplicate in another list

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is Given Below:

I want to place the duplicates from one list in another list. In the follow example, I am attempting to create a list red_dup that contains every item that contains a ‘red’ id that is duplicated. Similarly, I want to do the same for each food in a food_dup list.

What I have:

values = [[1, 'red1', 'food4'], [1, 'red2', 'food4'], [1, 'red1', 'food9']]

The result I’m looking for:

red_dup = [[1, 'red1', 'food4'], [1, 'red1', 'food9']]
food_dup = [[1, 'red1', 'food4'], [1, 'red2', 'food4']]

In my code the “values” comes from a generator function from a class.

The function returns these values.

The 1 is the distance, and the red or blue is the entity distance from the food.

This is what code returns. The red underline is a X, Y coordinates.

you can use dict to store and filter for dupe values

from collections import defaultdict
res = defaultdict(list)
for item in values:
    _, color, food = item 

[v for v in res.values() if len(v) > 1]


[[[1, 'red1', 'food4'], [1, 'red1', 'food9']],
 [[1, 'red1', 'food4'], [1, 'red2', 'food4']]]

Here is my suggestion:

values = [[1, 'red1', 'food4'], [1, 'red2', 'food4'], [1, 'red1', 'food9']]

red_dup = []
food_dup = []

for i in values:
    red=[k for k in values if k[1]==i[1]]
    if len(red)>1:
    food = [k for k in values if k[2]==i[2]]
    if len(food)>1:

red_dup=sorted(red_dup, key=lambda x: [x[1], x[2]])[::2]
food_dup=sorted(food_dup, key=lambda x: [x[2], x[1]])[::2]

#[[1, 'red1', 'food4'], [1, 'red1', 'food9']]
#[[1, 'red1', 'food4'], [1, 'red2', 'food4']]