Anabelian geometry study materials?

There is this very beautiful survey

Nakamura, Hiroaki; Tamagawa, Akio; Mochizuki, Shinichi

The Grothendieck conjecture on the fundamental groups of algebraic curves

You could also have a look at

Szamuely, Tamás

Heidelberg Lectures on Fundamental Groups

Jakob Stix, Rational Points and Arithmetic of Fundamental Groups
Evidence for the Section Conjecture
Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2054, xx+pp.247, Springer 2012.

This volume, Galois Groups and Fundamental Groups, edited by Leila Schneps has a great collection of articles, as does this volume, Geometric Galois Actions, including a nice article by Florian Pop on “Glimpses of Grothendieck’s anabelian geometry.”

If you’d like videos, here is a series of lectures on related topics, including a long series by Pop on anabelian geometry. At MSRI, you can find some lectures from Fall 1999, including one specifically about anabelian geometry.

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