Anaconda: cannot import cv2 even though opencv is installed (how to install opencv3 for python3)

opencv is not compatible with python 3. I had to install opencv3 for python 3. The marked answer in how could we install opencv on anaconda? explains how to install opencv(3) for anaconda:

Run the following command:

conda install -c opencv

I realized that opencv3 is also available now, run the following command:

conda install -c opencv3

Edit on Aug 18, 2016: You may like to add the “menpo” channel permanently by:

conda config --add channels menpo

And then opencv can be installed by:

conda install opencv (or opencv3)

Edit on Aug 14, 2017:clinicalgraphics” channel provides relatively newer vtk version for very recent python3

conda install -c clinicalgraphics vtk

Edit on April 16, 2020 (based on @AMC’s comment): OpenCV can be installed through conda-forge (details see here)

conda install -c conda-forge opencv

You can try

conda install -c menpo opencv=3

Use this code at the Anaconda prompt:

conda update conda -c conda-canary

Then don’t type this code:

conda install -c conda-forge opencv

but, instead, use:

Pip install opencv-python

It worked with me after few days of trials

See Krishna Ojha’s video and read the comments below the video.

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