anaconda .conda folder move from /home/usrxy to some other location

you can use --prefix option documentation

Option 1:
If you want to create your virtual environment in current directory then use

conda create --prefix=envName python=X.X

Option 2: if you want to mention the directory then give full path

conda create --prefix=/YourPath/yourEnvName python=x.x

Option 3: If you dont want to explicitly mention the path everytime and want all your environments to be stored somewhere else by default, you can set that up in your .condarc file documentation

You can do this in command line using:

conda config --add envs_dirs <path to directory>

envs_dirs in your .condarc file will add an additional location to the package cache search path.

Came across this while having a similar problem with lack of space in my home directory…

Building on Ajay Bisht’s solution, to change the package cache search path, you can set

conda config --add pkgs_dirs <path to directory>/pkgs

as well as

conda config --add envs_dirs <path to directory>/envs

See here

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