anaconda – graphviz – can’t import after installation

The graphviz conda package is no Python package. It simply puts the graphviz files into your virtual env’s Library/ directory. Look e.g. for dot.exe in the Library/bin/ directory.

To install the `graphviz` **Python package**, you can use `pip`:
`conda install pip` and `pip install graphviz`.

Always prefer conda packages if they are available over pip packages. Search for the package you need (`conda search pkgxy`) and then install it (`conda install pkgxy`). If it is not available, you can always build your own conda packages or you can try for user-built packages.

Update: There exists now a python-graphviz package at which contains the Python interface for the graphviz tool. Simply install it with conda install python-graphviz.
(Thanks to wedran and g-kaklam for posting this solution and to endolith for notifying me).

On conda:

First install

conda install graphviz

Then the python-library for graphviz python-graphviz

gv_python is a dynamically loaded extension for python that provides
access to the graph facilities of graphviz.

conda install python-graphviz

There is also pydot package, which can parse and dump into DOT language, used by GraphViz

conda install pydot

for me the problem was solved by installing another supportive package.

so I installed graphviz package through anaconda
then I failed to import it

after that I installed a second package named python-graphviz also through anaconda

then I succeeded in importing graphviz module into my code

I hope this will help someone 🙂

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