Anaconda / Python: Change Anaconda Prompt User Path

Go to Start and search for “Anaconda Prompt” – right click this and choose “Open File Location”, which will open a folder of shortcuts. Right click the “Anaconda Prompt” shortcut, choose “Properties” and you can adjust the starting dir in the “Start in” box.

In Windows, if you have the shortcut in your taskbar, right-click the “Anaconda Prompt” icon, you’ll see:

  • Anaconda Prompt
  • Unpin from taskbar (if pinned)
  • Close window

Right-click on “Anaconda Prompt” again.

Click “Properties”

Add the path you want your anaconda prompt to open up into in the “Start In:” section.

Note – you can also do this by searching for “Anaconda Prompt” in the Start Menu. The directions above are specifically for the shortcut.

If you want to access folder you specified using Anaconda Prompt, try typing

cd C:Usersu354590

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