Anaconda Python: where are the virtual environments stored?

If you activate the environment you’re interested in, you can find that answer in the environment variables.

on MacOS/Linux:

source activate python35

on Windows:

conda activate python35

You can also run conda info --envs, and that will show the paths to all your environments.

To get the path to the instance of python being used by a particular environment, do the following:

on MacOS/Linux:

source activate python35
which python

on Windows:

conda activate python35
where python

That should return the path you’re looking for.

You can run the command conda info.

This will output something like this:

envs directories : C:UsersGeo.localMiniconda3envs

I have installed conda at C:UsersGeo.localMiniconda3.

Then with the command conda info -e you get the location of each environment.

(base) C:UsersGeo>conda info -e
# conda environments:
miniconda2               C:UsersGeo.condaenvsminiconda2
base                  *  C:UsersGeo.localMiniconda3
anaconda3                C:UsersGeo.localMiniconda3envsanaconda3
ml                       C:UsersGeo.localMiniconda3envsml

Your environments are located in Anaconda3envs<yourEnv_directory>

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