and command in author tag

In the standard class the author is printed inside the environment tabular. Therefor the command and is defined as:

defand{%                  % begin{tabular}
  hskip 1em @plus.17fil%
  begin{tabular}[t]{c}}%   % end{tabular}

In your case you don’t need an extra and. You document class puts the author in a center environment. So you can use

Author{John Doe \
    texttt{[email protected]} 
    Jane Doe \
    texttt{[email protected]}

In article class author command is internally set as a tabular and and finishes one tabular and starts another so a list of authors becomes a list of tabulars.

this class just sets Author in a center environment and doesn’t provide a replacement for and. You could just use \ or use


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