Android 2.2.2 Firebase Assistant reconnect your app to firebase

It seems you can’t use the android studio client to disconnect your app project from your Firebase project.

But it is possible to do so from the Firebase Console

  1. Simply log in to the console
  2. Choose the project the app is connected to
  3. You will see a box displaying information about the Android App connected to the Firebase project
  4. Click on the 3 dots button at the top right of the android app box and click Manage
  5. Scroll down a bit and click the arrow button next to the Advanced Options header
  6. A Delete this app button will appear, click it and it will disconnect your android app from your Firebase project

I have used a little trick that also solves the problem for me. You can delete your your google-services file and cut all the firebase dependencies from your gradle (i.e. compile ‘’), hence, when you try to sync your project it will fail. After doing so, you can copy all your firebase dependencies back to your gradle file and sync the project. It will still fail since the google-services file is missing. Now, you can go to your firebase tool and the project will be disconnected.

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