Android 6.0 permission.GET_ACCOUNTS

That is because of Permission Groups. Basically, permissions are placed under different groups and all permissions from that group would be granted if one of them is granted.

Eg. Under “Contacts” , there is write/read contacts and get accounts, so when you ask for any of those, the popup asks for Contacts permissions.

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Just thought i’l add the related(not to get accounts but permissions and groups) Oreo update info:

Prior to Android 8.0 (API level 26), if an app requested a permission
at runtime and the permission was granted, the system also incorrectly
granted the app the rest of the permissions that belonged to the same
permission group, and that were registered in the manifest.

For apps targeting Android 8.0, this behavior has been corrected. The
app is granted only the permissions it has explicitly requested.
However, once the user grants a permission to the app, all subsequent
requests for permissions in that permission group are automatically

GET_ACCOUNTS was moved into the CONTACTS permission group in Android 6.0. While the API has us provide permissions, the user (for Android 6.0 at least) is prompted for permission groups. Hence, the user will be given the same prompt for GET_ACCOUNTS as the user would get for READ_CONTACTS or WRITE_CONTACTS.

Fortunately this will change in Android N

The GET_ACCOUNTS permission is now deprecated. The system ignores this
permission for apps that target Android N.

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