Android FinalizerReference using 7mb of RAM

I didn’t solve the problem, but got an advice that I should check on an empty project.

Tried with:

  • Android Studio Windows x32
  • Android Studio Windows x64
  • IntelliJIDEA x32
  • IntelliJIDEA x64

All of these cause the FinalizerReference to keep 5-10 mb of RAM for itself, on empty and non-empty projects.

Just ignore the issue and keep writing code.

I had the same problem with FinalizerReference, only on Nexus 5.

Here is screenshot of heap dump from Android Studio.
enter image description here

After some research, I have found this comment, where it said that this could be caused by System.

Also, I have used Eclipse’s Memory Analysis Tool (MAT), which proved that so many FinalizerReference objects belong to System.

And, it didn’t occupy so much memory as Android Studio’s heap dump showed.

enter image description here

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