Android Firebase chat RecyclerView auto scroll to bottom when new item is added

Have a look at step 6 of the Firebase codelab for Android, which uses an AdapterDataObserver for this:

mFirebaseAdapter.registerAdapterDataObserver(new RecyclerView.AdapterDataObserver() {
   public void onItemRangeInserted(int positionStart, int itemCount) {
       super.onItemRangeInserted(positionStart, itemCount);
       int friendlyMessageCount = mFirebaseAdapter.getItemCount();
       int lastVisiblePosition =
       // If the recycler view is initially being loaded or the 
       // user is at the bottom of the list, scroll to the bottom 
       // of the list to show the newly added message.
       if (lastVisiblePosition == -1 ||
               (positionStart >= (friendlyMessageCount - 1) &&
                       lastVisiblePosition == (positionStart - 1))) {

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