Android GCM SENDER_ID, how to get it?

No, the SENDER_ID is the project ID you signed up at Google API console, it should a numeric string. e.g. on your browser URI, you should see this:

The Sender ID is 4815162342

Updated Answer:

Google has not updated its docs completely. The above answer is old and its based on this documentation and it seems that its still not updated.

According to updated Google docs, it seems that Project Number on Google API Console is used as SENDER ID

I have done for Latest Google API Console.

How to get SenderId:


  1. Open Google api console
  2. Create project
  3. Click on Left hand side menu icon
  4. Click on Google cloud Platform
  5. You would get SenderId form there


enter image description here

Hope this will help you.

Go to your Google APIs Console page. Select the project you use from the drop down menu on the left. Select Overview and now you can see you project number. It is the SENDER_ID you have to use

Another way to get your project number is to get the value of “project” from your url. Your url has to be like this: “”. Here the project number is “886025556782”. this number is SENDER_ID

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