Android get layout parent id

I would like to know what is the difference between View and ViewParent ?

A View is a class and a ViewParent is an interface.

Although many of the common layout classes implement the ViewParent interface it isn’t guaranteed.

The problem you’re having is that the myImageView.getParent() is returning a ViewParent which doesn’t directly expose a getId() method.

As others have said, casting the ViewParent to a View using…

((View) myImageView.getParent()).getId();

…should work at compile time but be aware of the following…

  1. If the parent View doesn’t implement the ViewParent interface then the cast will fail.
  2. The parent View must have a resource id defined in the layout file as (for example) android:[email protected]+id/myParentViewId or the call to getId will return null

You have to cast your parent view to a View, so you can use getId() method, using ((View) myImageView.getParent()).getId()

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