Android google maps button style

If you disassemble Google Play Services apk by using apktool, and look into drawable* folders, you will find the resources for these buttons among other resources.

For example, this is the drawable of the upper zoom button:
res/drawable/maps_btn_zoom_up.xml, and this is the “empty” button: res/drawable/maps_btn_standalone.xml. Looking at them, it is a lot easier to match their style.

The apk will probably be named like, where # is some number; you can snatch it from a device which has Google Play Services installed by using adb pull command, it doesn’t even require rooting if you know the exact file name.


Here is the archive with relevant resources for the empty standalone button, obtained by this way.
(sha256: 4b974a8c23bb8df54b9aa244489e8a7ab5d4d3e17d0c003f411bccbe8a75d622)

And some numbers:
Button height and width is 38dp
Shadow padding: top 1.5dp
bottom 2.5dp
side 2dp

The background image is NOT nine-patch, but it’s pretty easy to create one if you need.

I made this 9-patch image to use as background for the view that you want to be like a google maps button:

google map style button background

The color of the button content is #666666.

Here is an example of a custom view that looks like a google maps button using that background and that color for the text:


The button is a 70% semi-transparant white.


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