Android how can i replace the deprecated tabhost?

“Deprecated” in Android means “we think there is a better solution that you should investigate”. Rarely does “deprecated” mean “it is unusable”. TabHost, AFAIK, works fine on Android 4.0.

That being said, I would recommend considering switching to tabs in the action bar, using ActionBarSherlock to give you backwards compatibility to Android 2.1.


Besides, TabHost is not deprecated. TabActivity is deprecated. You can still use TabHost, with views for your tabs. Or, use:

  • ViewPager with a tabbed indicator, like PagerTabStrip
  • FragmentTabHost, for a TabHost that uses fragments for tabs

The action bar also has tab support, but that was deprecated starting with the “L” Developer Preview.

As per Android API level-18, ActionBarSherlock is not recommended instead of that,they have introduced ActionBarCompat .. Better to go with ActionBarCompat.

Thank you.

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