Android: how to clip only top rounded corners

I’ve managed to get this working by creating a custom ViewOutlineProvider and using that instead of a background value

ViewOutlineProvider mViewOutlineProvider = new ViewOutlineProvider() {
    public void getOutline(final View view, final Outline outline) {
        float cornerRadiusDP = 16f;
        float cornerRadius = TypedValue.applyDimension( TypedValue.COMPLEX_UNIT_DIP, cornerRadiusDP, getResources().getDisplayMetrics());
            outline.setRoundRect(0, 0, view.getWidth(), (int)(view.getHeight() + cornerRadius), cornerRadius);

This is Kotlin variation of @Jankers answer, and answer to @Tony’s question also. Explains how you can place only one rounded corner or two adjacent ones.

  fun setCorners() {
        val mOutlineProvider = object : ViewOutlineProvider() {
            override fun getOutline(view: View, outline: Outline) {

                val left = 0
                val top = 0;
                val right = view.width
                val bottom = view.height
                val cornerRadiusDP = 16f
                val cornerRadius = TypedValue.applyDimension(TypedValue.COMPLEX_UNIT_DIP, cornerRadiusDP, resources.displayMetrics).toInt()

                // all corners
                outline.setRoundRect(left, top, right, bottom, cornerRadius.toFloat())

                /* top corners
                outline.setRoundRect(left, top, right, bottom+cornerRadius, cornerRadius.toFloat())*/

                /* bottom corners
                outline.setRoundRect(left, top - cornerRadius, right, bottom, cornerRadius.toFloat())*/

                /* left corners
                outline.setRoundRect(left, top, right + cornerRadius, bottom, cornerRadius.toFloat())*/

                /* right corners
                outline.setRoundRect(left - cornerRadius, top, right, bottom, cornerRadius.toFloat())*/

                /* top left corner
                outline.setRoundRect(left , top, right+ cornerRadius, bottom + cornerRadius, cornerRadius.toFloat())*/

                /* top right corner
                outline.setRoundRect(left - cornerRadius , top, right, bottom + cornerRadius, cornerRadius.toFloat())*/

                /* bottom left corner
                outline.setRoundRect(left, top - cornerRadius, right + cornerRadius, bottom, cornerRadius.toFloat())*/

                /* bottom right corner
                outline.setRoundRect(left - cornerRadius, top - cornerRadius, right, bottom, cornerRadius.toFloat())*/


        myView.outlineProvider = mOutlineProvider
        myView.clipToOutline = true


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