Android: How to get a list of all available intent filters?

PackageExplorer lists all intent-filters defined in apps in your device

To answer your question: You create the intent-filter(s) you want to be used to cause your activity to be selected when a program is looking for a service or activity. So each Activity in a Package defines it own list of intent-filters.

I found it useful to have a list of all intent-filters defined by all the applications on a device — so would know what apps the system would invoke when an intent was processed. I put a free app on Android Market, search for ‘Package Explorer’ that searches all apps it can find on your device, decodes the AndroidManifest.xml file and displays a list of all intent-filters defined by all apps. The table of all intent-filters can be sorted by Action, Category, Data fields(ie scheme or mimetype), package name or intent-filter type so you can find all Activites on your device that respond to various Actions or Categories.

Package Explorer also collects all uses-permissions fields in the manifest and displays a list of which apps require which permissions. So you can find all packages that use ‘SEND_SMS’ or something like that. Clicking on the name of a package displays the decoded (uncompressed binary) AndroidManifest.xml for the package.

If you are off device you can just run the following:

adb shell dumpsys package r

This will give you a list of all the statically registered intent filters.

You’re not going to find that. Intent filters are defined by the application. You’d have to look at the documentation for the paritcular application you’re interested in.

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