Android icon generator for actionbar and notification not working (grey shape)

You can use a tool for creating generic icons in Asset Studio:
To get it look like ActionBar Icon, you should make next actions:

  1. Choose image
  2. The size of image should stay at 24dip
  3. Change padding to 4dip
  4. Move foreground color thumb to 0%
  5. That’s it! Download .zip now.

The sizes of icons will be pretty the same as you can get them with ActionBar Icon Generator.

How it looks for me:
icon generator screenshot

I think it’s because your image is too complexe and the main problem is the “color” filter applied in AAS.

I had the same problem and I had to convert xxxhdpi xxhdpi etc. manually. If you work with Sketch (for example) it can be converted easily with a plugin (

hope it’s help !

If you want to use AAR, like @rom4ek explained “4. Move foreground color thumb to 0%” this is the important part