Android studio 3.0 does not generate signed apk

Since Android Studio 3.0 update, the apk generated will be in


Also 1 more file is generated Output.json which holds the apk generation details.




All depends on Gradle build, so at the end it all depends on Gradle version you build with. i.e. Gradle Android plugin for Android Studio.

Android Studio 3.0 Now creates a “release” folder inside the specified destination folder and places the release apk inside that.

{APK Destination Folder}releaseapp-release.apk

OR as mentioned by @velis

{APK Destination Folder} {flavor} {variant} {apkname}.apk

For Example:-
In your case: C:appsappreleaseapp-release.apk

In my case I found apk file in folder {specified_destination}/{flavor_name}/release folder

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