Android Studio – ADB Error – “…device unauthorized. Please check the confirmation dialog on your device.”

you have missed the Fingerprint Certificate Authorization dialog in your phone when you connected it, try to change the USB mode to Media, or another different than the one you have in and then reconnect your device, or go to Developer Options -> Revoke USB Debugging and reconnect, watch for the dialog and click on accept, that should solve your problems.

If that doesn’t work, set your ANDROID_SDK_HOME again, and then:

  1. Unplug device
  2. Run:

    adb kill-server 
    adb start-server
  3. Plug in device

I experienced the same issue.

To ensure that your Android Device is expecting the correct fingerprint from the system (e.g. after switching Android SDK installations -> different adb server running!), do the following (actually, this did the magic for me):

  • unplug your Android Device
  • revoke USB debugging authorizations in Android Developer Options
  • plug your Device. You can accept the fingerprint once more.

Please check this.

I faced the same issue. Could notice that the “adb integration” was disabled. Please enable it at your IDE (Tools | Android)

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