Android Studio can’t authenticate with SVN

I had same problem, but found a solution.

  1. Go to ‘Android Studio > Preferences > Version Control > Subversion’
  2. Uncheck follow two items
    • Use command line client
    • Use system default Subversion configuration directory

It will now work correctly.

I also have this problem.
Here is how i solve it:
On the “File” menu,click “Invalidate Cashes/Restart…”

then,the problem solved!

Please have a look on issue reported in Intellij Idea with some workarounds in reply if it helps you (Srinivas Reply)

and (Irina Chernushina (JetBrains))

you need to set your configuration info in SVN tunnel config
file(~/.subversion/config) kssh = /your/path/to/ssh

in tunnel section.example mine looks like : kssh = /usr/bin/ssh

Remember you need to point your IDE to use subversion config file in
the subversion options or change it in ~/.subversion_IDEA/config file

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