Android Studio Can’t Open Existing Projects



to .vmoptions helps.

Just to summarise (and make it clear) there are 3 different options to solve this.

  1. From within Android Studio if you can open it…

    • Click the menu item Help->Edit Custom VM Options…
    • In the editor studio.vmoptions that opens up, add the following, save and restart Android Studio
  1. Via Mac OS X Terminal window, type
open -a /Applications/Android "path to your project"

You can get the path to your project by going into the project directory and typing,

  1. From Mac OS X Finder

    • locate the folder for the Android Studio project that you want to open.
    • drag the folder to the Android Studio App (from Applications or from the Dock if it is there)

There is something wrong with androdi studio in macOS Catalina, so you can not open exist project or import project in android studio. But as an alternative, you can open project in command line, like below

$ open -a /Applications/Android "path to your project"

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