Android Studio Collapse definitions and methods

It is called Folding in Android Studio.

First make sure it is enabled in config (it should be by default). Go to File -> Settings, then under the IDE Settings area find Editor -> General -> Code Folding, check the Show code folding outline.

To collapse/expand items use the Code -> Folding menu.

To customize the keyboard shortcuts for these open Settings (File -> Settings) then select Keymap under IDE Settings. Now type folding into the search box (top right). Setup the keyboard shortcut for the various folding actions 🙂

For Windows:

  Minimize: CTRL + SHFT + '-'
  Expand:   CTRL + SHFT + '+'

For Mac:

  Minimize: COMM + SHFT + '-'
  Expand:   COMM + SHFT + '+'

Here’s screenshot for quick reference:

enter image description here

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