Android Studio DDMS can’t open /data folder in an emulator phone


Can’t remember whether it’s from Android Studio 3.0 or later but if you have downloaded AS 3.3+, you’ll find the tab on bottom right corner called Device File Explorer, which lets you to see and easily get the data of your app without rooting.

Opening as Administrator didn’t help but rooting the phone did worked, and no I’m not lowering my SDK version.

Open cmd and go to C:Users{User}AppDataLocalAndroidSdkplatform-tools or to the folder location and type cmd at the address bar.

open cmd on the current folder

Whether you’re super user or not can be determined by $:

C:{User}...platform-tools>adb shell
generic_x86:/ $ exit

To have su/root privileges type adb root and exit:

C:{User}...platform-tools>adb root
generic_x86:/ # exit

Next run the Android Device Monitor to extract the data.

To turn off root type adb unroot.

Even after running Android Studio as administrator if you can’t access data/data folder, try using API 23 or lower for you emulator device.

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