Android Studio: Drawable Folder: How to put Images for Multiple dpi?

The standard procedures are:

  1. Choose Project > app > scr > main
  2. Right click “res”, choose “New” and choose “Android resource directory”
    Step 2
  3. In the opened dialog, at Resource Type choose “drawable”
    Step 3
  4. In the list Available qualifier choose Density, then click the right arrow at the middle.
    Step 4
  5. Choose the Density that you like then press OK
    Step 5

There are two ways of doing it.

1.Right click on drawable New->Image Asset-> select your highest resolution image rest will be created automatically. once you finish you can see different resolution inside drawable folder

  1. The way you want. on the project Explorer window you see a dropdown as Android. Click it change to project.

Now yourprojectname->app->src->main->res->

Aila You can see your drawable folders with hdpi mdpi etc.

You don’t create subfolders of the drawable folder but rather ‘sibling’ folders next to it under the /res folder for the different screen densities or screen sizes.
The /drawable folder (without any dimension) is mostly used for drawables that don’t relate to any screen sizes like selectors.

See this screenshot (use the name drawable-hdpi instead of mipmap-hdpi):

enter image description here

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