Android Studio emulator and AMD CPU

If you have an AMD processor, you can download an ARM image, but it is super slow on x86 platforms.

The x86 image does not work with AMD CPUs, because the x86 image needs HAXM installed which needs VT-X support, and only Intel CPUs support it.

So you can download the Genymotion emulator, which supports both VT-X & AMD-V technology.

Genymotion is super fast. Other than hooking your physical device up to test, it’s the next best thing. Android Studio emulator is not efficient for testing. I am using the personal version of Genymotion.

With the latest API 30, even x86 emulators are very fast in AMD processors. For this in Windows, you follow this below.

You absolutely don’t need Intel HAXM (Hardware Accelerated Execution Mode) in AMD processors, because they are AMD processors.

Just enable (check) Windows Hypervisor Platform in Windows features as shown below.
enter image description here

Now, you can start emulators. No need of Intel HAXM.

Here is official link:

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