Android Studio Emulator and “Process finished with exit code 0”

You need to check:

  • Your size on disk is not full – this’s often happen due to creation of some virtual devices that are unused

  • The RAM size of emulator is not minimum as your requirements

One more thing that I personally use: Use Pen Drive as a RAM


Use HDD as RAM

  • Right Click on “This PC or My Computer” and Select Properties.

  • Now Click on “Advance System Settings”.

  • Now in “System Properties” you have to select “Advanced” tab.

  • Now click on “Settings” Under “Performance”.

  • Now in “Performance Option” again you have to select “Advanced” tab.

  • Now click on “change“ under “Virtual Memory”.

  • Un-check “Automatically manage paging file size of all drivers” and select “Custom size”.

  • In Custom Size enter the amount of data According to “Space available” which is written there.

  • Click on “set” button and Click on OK.

  • Now it will ask you to restart your Computer or Laptop.

Another work around steps (tested) :

  1. Restart your Android Studio
  2. Create new device in your AVD Manager
  3. Increase the RAM size of the Emulator

I restarted Android Studio and create a new device in AVD MANAGER then I have increased the RAM size of emulator and it works nicely.

Sometimes it happens when you close emulator during building the App in to emulator.

I also faced the same error. After a few hours I figured it out.

I hope it helps you :

Go to Tools ==> SDK Menager ==>Android SDK

(Appearange&Behavior=>System settings=>Android SDK)==>SDK Tools==>Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator(install this).

It will solve your problem.I hope it helps.

You can look at pictures which you must install

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