android studio error : missing feature: WATCH

Having the element

<uses-feature android:name="" />

in your manifest is taken by Android Studio to mean that this is an Android Wear app – and your D5 watch doesn’t run Android Wear. Yes, it’s a smartwatch running Android, but Wear is specifically a set of Google-proprietary (not open-source) enhancements to stock Android – and the D5 doesn’t have them.

In my testing, flagging it with android:required="false" allowed the app to be deployed to a non-Wear device. I’m not sure why this didn’t work for you; perhaps it’s to do with Android Studio versions (I’m using v2.3).

But in any case, if you remove that element, the app should deploy on your D5.

I solved it like this

You just need to remove the following tags from the manifest

<uses-library android:name="" android:required="false" />


<uses-feature android:name="" />

I hope you solve problem

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