Android Studio Logcat not showing logs

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In my case in Android 2.2, for some reason, Firebase was selected by default in the dropdown box marked above. So logs didn’t drop. I just needed to change it to No Filters. Then it worked.

I even tried restarting the logcat, that didn’t work too. No Filters did the magic.

Hope this helps someone.

You can as well select Show only selected application for logcat to show only the current debugging process, i.e your app.

  • You may be hiding it, try pressing Alt + 6 to open Log tab.

  • Look at the log level:- it must be verbose.

  • Restart adb.

  • If that doesn’t works restart the android studio.

In Logcat window reselect your device then reselect your app

if it didn’t appear restart adb using two commands:

adb kill-server
adb start-server

Happy debugging 🙂

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