android studio – manually download system image for emulator

In windows: First locate your android-sdk. By default it’s in your C:UsersYour.nameAppDataLocal
in it’s root folder. where you can find: SDK Manager.exe, make a folder name it “system-images”, my api 25 image is at system-imagesandroid-25google_apisx86_64Files

Hope you can Figure it out. Comment if you have any problem.

In mac OSX:


Replace [API_VERSION] with Android version you are downloading and the [API_TYPE] can either be google_apis_playstore or google_apis depending on whether the image you are downloading comes with Google Play or not.

On Windows 10:

  1. Download the file from e.g.:

    1. Extract the zipped file.
    2. Copy (OR Cut, not recommended) the contents of the extracted folder e.g.: x86.
    3. Find the android-sdk folder. By default, it should be located at C:Users[YOUR USER NAME]AppDataLocalAndroidSdk.
    4. Look for a folder named system-images. Create system-images if it doesn’t exist. Depending on the file you downloaded, create
      subfolders within system-images. E.g.:
    5. Paste within google_apis.
    6. Restart Android Studio and the system image should be selectable.

Shout if you need any further assistance.

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