Android Studio – No Target Device Found

  1. Go to Run in the toolbar.
  2. Select Edit Configurations..
  3. On the left panel, you’ll see your application (app). On the right under Deployment Target Options choose Target as Open Select Deployment Target Dialog option.
    And the other option as it is.

I ended up downloading the official Samsung ADB from here:

And it worked great after that. Thanks everyone!

On the phone

  1. Have you enabled Developer Mode?

  2. Have you enabled USB debugging within the Developer Tools menu in settings (this menu doesn’t appear unless you’ve enabled Developer Mode)

  3. Do you have a good and securely connected USB cable?

In Android Studio

  1. In Edit Run/Debug Configurations, do you have “Target: USB Device”?

  2. It seems to help me to press the “Attach debugger to Android process” icon (a tall rectangle with a green beetle) and cancelling before pressing the “Debug app” icon

In Windows

  1. It’s helpful to know whether your phone appears as a recognised device. If you navigate to “ThisPC”, (a level above C:), do you see it there?

  2. Joel Gritter said he solved this issue by downloading the latest official Samsung ADB, see his answer.

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