Android Studio running on VMware virtual machine: KVM is not installed

I faced the same problem. I searched and I found the solution it works with me now:

In VMware:

  1. Open Virtual machine setting.
  2. Go to the processor.
  3. Check the virtualize Intel VT-x/EPT or AMD-RVI option.
  4. Click ok and run the Virtual machine, it should work fine with you.

Hope that works with you.

This link HW virtualization in VMware (KVM – Android Studio) helped me to find the solution.

Bad news found in the Using the Emulator section of the official Android developer website:

Not Inside a VM – You cannot run a VM-accelerated emulator inside
another virtual machine, such as a VirtualBox or VMWare-hosted virtual
machine. You must run the emulator directly on your system hardware.

So it seems my best alternative is look for a real device compatible with the Android Studio for running the apps.

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