Android Studio: You must specify a path to Genymotion folder to use this feature

For windows, the default path is C:Program FilesGenymobileGenymotion

On a Mac, you will find it here: /Applications/

You have to enter it inside the Android Studio settings, under Genymotion section.

make sure you have installed genymotion and virtual box then provide the link to genymotion location in windows by default is C:/program files/genymobile/genymotion

Not sure if anyone had the same problem but I received this same warning from Android Studio when clicking on the Genymotion Plugin warning me that

“You must specify a path to genymotion folder to use this feature”

The path was correct according to previous answers for a Mac but the problem was simply that the Genymotion plugin just needed to be updated. I went to Android Studio > Preferences > Plugins > Genymotion and selected update (This is on a mac) and the problem went away after I updated the plugin and restarted Android Studio. Hope this helps someone else with the same problem.