android system notification limit per app

According to @Nirel’s answer.

1) I tried to run the code in 3 different devices.

Surprisingly notifications beyond 50 are not showing in notification area.

It gives following error.

W/NotificationManager﹕ notify: id corrupted: sent 51, got back 0

The same error comes for subsequent calls.

I saw the source of NotificationManager , it gives this error if incoming and out id is not same. See below code.

2) After I tried to notify on intervals of 100 milliseconds.

It also Gives the same error. What I tried is removed 1 notification when code is executed.

Surprisingly , notification number 153 came in status bar.

So the conclusion is that , at most 50 notifications can be there. This may be default behaviour and may can change by manufacturer as said by @Sharp Edge.


In API23


static final int MAX_PACKAGE_NOTIFICATIONS = 50;

The limit for notifications and toasts is per app 50

this post has really helped me to do research on this topic. I have written an article on this like how can you modify your logic and keep posting notifications even if you have reached the maximum limit by compromising on the oldest notifications.