Angstrom not working

I’d suggest to use the siunitx package. If you want a quantity, use:

The lattice constant $a = SI{2.0}{angstrom}$ is ...

if you only need the unit, use:

Atomic distances are measured in si{angstrom}.

AA is a text command which essentially becomes r{A}; r is the command producing the “ring accent” and is invalid in math mode. Here’s a way:


If the unit must be used also in subscripts or superscripts,

usepackage{amsmath} % or simply amstext

Following daleif suggestion, a more compact version would be

usepackage{amsmath} % or simply amstext

(amsmath is necessary, otherwise textup doesn’t change sizes in subscripts).

However, the best practice when dealing with units is to use siunitx as suggested by quinmars. The macros si and SI made available by it provide the correct spacing.

@egreg answer is correct but in the community is hard to convince others (reluctant-TeX) collaborators to use mbox{normalfontAA} or text{normalfontAA} to write Angstrom units. At best one can hope that they use mathrm{AA} (so Angstrom doesn’t appear as italic in math formulas). They are just too used to write AA.

What I suggest is this: