Angular 5 solely validation on blur?

What I eventually have done:

Using reactive forms:


this is the form to make. I needed the productCost and loanAmount to be validated on blur but the values itself needed to update onchange. If you set updateOn: "blur" the validation happens after the blur event but als the values will update after the blur event.

let formToMake = {
      productCost: new FormControl(null, {validators: Validators.required, updateOn: "blur"}),
      loanAmount: new FormControl(null, {validators: Validators.compose([Validators.required, Validators.min(2500)]), updateOn: "blur"}),
      loanLength: new FormControl(49, {validators: Validators.required, updateOn: "change"})

handleInput method:

To solve this I just made an event handler which will be called on the input event.


handleInput(e: any) {
    this.loanAmount = e;


<input class="form__input" type="number" value="{{loanForm.get('loanAmount').value}}" id="loanAmount" formControlName="loanAmount" (input)="handleInput($">