Angular state inspector not working anymore

Solution for Angular state inspector not working anymore
is Given Below:

Has anyone came accross this issue. All I remeber is updating chrome but since then the wonderfull add-on angular state inspector is not working properly. The state tab, which used to show is empty. I have looked around for a solution but no one seems to have reported this anywhere.I am using Chrome Version 92.0.4515.10 , angular 11 and 9. I also tried in edge and got the same issue.
I thought it was because angular build was by default using production enviroment config, but it wasn’t the case. Specifying development configutation on the build command did not help.


Workound solution found. Check answer by @Random

It’s caused by recent chrome update

The worksround is to select element in chrome dev tools and run $state in console. it returns the state of selected node

Angular DevTools seems to do the job quite well :

Looks like an official Angular extension

The angular devTools will not work with angularJs applications.
Developing with ServiceNow service portal, which is reliant on angularJS 1.6x, has become exceedingly more difficult without being able to use angular inspector.