ASP.NET Core trace logging on Azure with Application Insights – Code Utility


I have an ASP.NET Core web project deployed to Azure with Application Insights configured. Insights is receiving data fine for requests etc. but I am unable to get it to display my logs.

I am using the vanilla Microsoft.Extensions.Logging framework and have a test error being logged on a controller action as

logger.LogError("Test application insights message");

In my Startup.cs Configure method I have set


… and can successfully see the error message appear in Azure logs streaming:

2017-04-14 11:06:00.313 +00:00 [Error] Test application insights message

However, I also want this message to appear in Application Insights trace but it is nowhere to be found. I think I need to configure the ILoggerFactory but not sure how and can’t find any docs on the subject.

Thanks in advance for your help


case anybody else trying to resolve this, I got the results I wanted with the following:



For me, It only worked when I specified the InstrumentationKey to services.AddLogging in my Startup.cs like this:


services.AddLogging(builder =>
    // Only Application Insights is registered as a logger provider, get the key from appSettings.json file and add application insight
    var instrumentationKey = Configuration.GetValue<string>("ApplicationInsights:InstrumentationKey");