Cannot find module ‘ngx-cookie-service’

Solution for Cannot find module ‘ngx-cookie-service’
is Given Below:

Iam using Angular 12,
I installed cookie by using:
npm install –save ngx-cookie-service
in app.module.ts when I import ‘CookieService’
import { CookieService } from ‘ngx-cookie-service’;
I got this error message:
Cannot find module ‘ngx-cookie-service’ or its corresponding type declarations.ts(2307)
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It looks like this is a reported issue with ngx-cookie-service version 12.0.1. Downgrading to 12.0.0 seems to fix the problem for now.

npm install [email protected]

— UPDATE — The issue is flagged as resolved with the release of version 12.0.2. Should be safe to install the latest now.