Cannot get Google Analytics (GA4) Realtime to Work

Solution for Cannot get Google Analytics (GA4) Realtime to Work
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Hello Community!

A friend hired me for SEO implementation and a re-design for his website ( Among these implementations comes the integration for Google Analytics, GA4.

For Context:
The site has been mounted on WordPress and previously he had used Google Ads for his website, that’s why he inserted a Global Site Tag and a Remarketing Tag with a snippet plugin to add these.

The issue is:
I’ve created a property for this website within Google Analytics and created a standard Data Stream as I’ve always done for any other web, copied the Global Site Tag and placed it in the head tag of the website as usual. The problem is, after a while, I’m still not able to view any realtime users even if I’m navigating in it and blocking my ID is not a setting so I should appear. (I’m not using any ad-blocker of any sort which could interfere with the script)

I’ve tried other options to mounting the GA tag such as through Google Tag Manager and still the same result. Also through the Jetpack pluggin for wordpress which only asks for the Measurement ID and still the same result…

Could there be a problem with the GA Tag and the Global Site Tag from Google Ads?

By the way, the google ads account is of my client, my plan as it has worked before is to set up the property of Analytics and then transfer it later on (we have that trust) but I don’t know why this simple task is having such a persistent issue.

Thanks in advance for any advice, really appreciate it!!