Codeception Tests not launching the Chrome browser window

Solution for Codeception Tests not launching the Chrome browser window
is Given Below:

I have a project that has been working with Chromedriver for a year. When I have ran my tests in the past, a separate browser window launches and and the window closes when the test is finished. This helps me know what’s going on in the UI for debugging. Today, I tried to run one of my tests and it passed with no errors/warnings on the console, but a Chrome window never opened. I am not using selenium standalone server. My chromedriver is in the root folder. Codeception does not seem to set the location of chromedriver specifically. I am on Mac Big Sur 11.4 (may have upgraded from Catalina since last test run)

What I have done:

  1. I assumed my Chrome had updated from 91 to 92 since I had run the last test so I downloaded a new version of Chromedriver
  2. I looked at previous commits since I ran the tests to see if any devs had changed the config files
  3. I started chromedriver manually in the terminal with ./chromedriver –url-base=/wd/hub and ran tests again
  4. I checked local host, cleared cache and made sure no proxies were being selected
  5. Changed Chrome to Firefox and confirmed no firefox window opened
  6. Checked my arguments in codeception.yml- there are no options including headless or anything that could cause this
  7. Added “–no-sandbox” as an option in capabilities

Codeception.yml file:

  circleci-group: ./circleci-group

    actor: UiAutomationTester
    path: ui_automation
        - WebDriver:
           url: "http://localhost"
           browser: chrome
           window_size: 1024x900
      - HelperUiAutomation
      - Asserts
      - HelperConfigHelper:
        BASE_COMPONENT_API_URL: http://localhost
        BASE_COMPONENT_MY_URL: http://localhost
        BASE_COMPONENT_LOGIN_URL: http://localhost

       - CodeceptionStepConditionalAssertion
      - CodeceptionStepTryTo
      - CodeceptionStepRetry

    - CodeceptionExtensionRunFailed
    - TestsSupportExtensionWaitTimeout
    - TestsSupportExtensionTestSetupExtension
    - CodeceptionExtensionRecorder:
        module: WebDriver # enable for Angular
        delete_successful: true # keep screenshots of successful tests
        ignore_steps: [have, grab*]
       codeception_wait_timeout: 60
       wait: 60

  - .env

gherkin: []

   tests: tests
   output: tests/_output
   data: tests/_data
   support: tests/_support
   envs: tests/_envs

   shuffle: false
   lint: true

   error_level: "~E_ALL & ~E_STRICT & ~E_DEPRECATED"

   bootstrap: bootstrap.php