csv to json converter

CSV to JSON Converter is an online tool that converts CSV to JSON just on click.

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CSV to JSON converter is an online tool that converts comma spaced value files to JavaScript Object Notation. To use it:-

  • Input your CSV in the input section
  • You can also either load the URL or browse the CSV
  • Click Convert  CSV to JSON
  • Check and download the output in the output section

What is CSV?

A CSV is a comma-seperate value record, which permits information to be save in a plain organization. CSVs resemble a typical bookkeeping page however with a .csv expansion.

CSV documents can be utilize with most any bookkeeping page program, for example, Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets. They contrast from other accounting page record types since you can just have a solitary sheet in a document, they can not save cell, segment, or column. Likewise, you can’t save equations in this arrangement.

What is JSON?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an open standard document arrangement and information exchange design. It utilizes intelligible content to store and communicate information objects.

JSON compromises trait esteem matches and cluster information types because it is a typical information design, with an assorted scope of utilization. For example, filling in as a substitution for XML in AJAX systems.

JSON is a language-autonomous information design. It is from JavaScript, however numerous cutting-edge programming dialects so, it incorporates code to produce and parse JSON-design information. The authority Internet media type for JSON is application/JSON. JSON filenames utilize the expansion.


CSV to JSON Converter

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