Customizing the ‘Hue’ colors used in Seaborn Barplot [duplicate]

Solution for Customizing the ‘Hue’ colors used in Seaborn Barplot [duplicate]
is Given Below:

I’m using seaborn to create the following chart:

enter image description here

I’d like to customize the colors that are generated by hue , preferably to set the order of the colors as Blue, Green, Yellow, Red.
I have tried passing a color or a list of colors to the color argument in sns.barplot however it yields either gradients of the color or an error.

Please Advise.

You can use the following code to reproduce the chart:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import seaborn as sns
import pandas as pd

df = pd.DataFrame({'Early': {'A': 686, 'B': 533, 'C': 833, 'D': 625, 'E': 820},
 'Long Overdue': {'A': 203, 'B': 237, 'C': 436, 'D': 458, 'E': 408},
 'On Time': {'A': 881, 'B': 903, 'C': 100, 'D': 53, 'E': 50},
 'Overdue': {'A': 412, 'B': 509, 'C': 813, 'D': 1046, 'E': 904}})

df_long = df.unstack().to_frame(name="value")
df_long = df_long.swaplevel()
df_long.columns = ['group', 'status', 'value']
df_long['status'] = pd.Categorical(df_long['status'], ["Early", "On Time", "Overdue", "Long Overdue"])
df_long = df_long.sort_values("status")

fig, ax = plt.subplots(figsize=(18.5, 10.5))

g = sns.barplot(data=df_long, x='group', y='value', hue="status", ax=ax)

for bar in g.patches:
    height = bar.get_height()
    ax.text(bar.get_x() + bar.get_width() / 2., 0.5 * height, int(height),
                ha="center", va="center", color="white")
plt.legend(loc="upper left", prop={'size': 14})


The hue variable of seaborn.barplot()
is mapped via palette:

palette: palette name, list, or dict

Colors to use for the different levels of the hue variable. Should be something that can be interpreted by seaborn.color_palette(), or a dictionary mapping hue levels to matplotlib colors.

So to customize your hue colors,

  • either define a color list:

    palette = ['tab:blue', 'tab:green', 'tab:orange', 'tab:red']
  • or a hue-color dictionary:

    palette = {
        'Early': 'tab:blue',
        'On Time': 'tab:green',
        'Overdue': 'tab:orange',
        'Long Overdue': 'tab:red',

And pass that to palette:

sns.barplot(data=df_long, x='group', y='value', hue="status",
    palette=palette, ax=ax)

barplot with custom palette