Disabling Local JMX Connections on JVM

We are writing a java program which keeps a password in memory. Unfortunately, the user can easily use jconsole or jmap to create a heap dump file and open it to find the password. I think jconsole connects jvm using local sockets. I wanna know, is there any way to disable jmx even for local users? Is there any way to totally disable heap dumps? As the user have access to the memory segment, this is possible to access the password anyway. However, I wanna disable standards ways of doing that to make the action as expensive as possible.

Finally, I found a solution for disabling jconsole connections. It also prevents jmap to create a dump file. I found the solution here. I also quote the answer here:

You can prevent tools such as
jconsole and others from connecting by
running with the
-XX:+DisableAttachMechanism option. Note that this option is not
documented/supported but should do
what you want. That said, even with
this there is nothing to stop you
connect gdb or other debugging/proc
based programs

However, that is obvious the memory segment could be accessed locally. But, does anyone knows a tool to make standard memory dumps with direct access to the memory?

Setting the max connection count to zero shuts down JMX


If you still need stats, simple read the corresponding hsperfdata_* file

I published my hsperf munin plugin on github.

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