Excel array keeps adding ‘ symbol at begining of problem

Solution for Excel array keeps adding ‘ symbol at begining of problem
is Given Below:

I’m trying to create an array for a simple linear regression problem in Excel and find the b1, b0 coefficient. My teacher gave us a worksheet with all the computation and used the following formula:
{=LINEST(SLRData!B2:B15, SLRData!A2:A15, TRUE, TRUE)}
(SLRData being the example worksheet with all the data on it).

However, when I try to implement it in a problem as
{=LINEST(B2:B20, A2:A20, TRUE, TRUE)}
(my problem has 20 variables in each column) it adds a ‘ to the beginning of the function so it does not compute. Also when I try to copy the {=LINEST(SLRData!B2:B15, SLRData!A2:A15, TRUE, TRUE)} from the example worksheet the “{}” disappears. Is there some specific way you implement this?

If I run the problem without the brackets it gives me a spelling error.

These are so-called array formulas and have a different input method: Ctrl+Shift+Enter

After pressing those keys, in the input field the curly brackets (“{}”) appear around the formula.

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