External Azure Stage in Snowflake

Solution for External Azure Stage in Snowflake
is Given Below:

I am not able to Create an external Azure stage in Snowflake.
Error obtained is “Failure using stage area. Cause: [Server failed to authenticate the request. Make sure the value of the Authorization header is formed correctly including the signature. (Status Code: 403; Error Code: AuthenticationFailed)]”.
Can someone help please?

In addition to loading directly from files in Azure containers, Snowflake supports creating named external stages, which encapsulate all of the required information for staging files, including:

  • The Azure container where the files are staged.

  • The named storage integration object or Azure credentials for the container (if it is protected).

  • An encryption key (if the files in the container have been encrypted).
    Named external stages are optional, but recommended when you plan to load data regularly from the same location.

To create an Azure external stage please refer this Link.